About the Project

The Portal “German support for Solidarity in the period of martial law and the late PRLt” brings together the knowledge of German aid to Polish Solidarity opposition during martial law, and the late communist era. The portal gathers a wide knowledge in the form of articles, photos, videos, archives, memoirs contributors / donors and those who helped aid in these difficult times. Knowledge archive was created consisting of photos, videos, interviews and articles on the subject. Were recorded audiovisual notation film series.

The website is available in a number of three languages (EN, FR, DE). Has been divided into sections, each of which is dedicated to topics related with the West for the underground Solidarity for example: the story of Polish-German relations, Polish and West, the history of Polish-German assistance, interviews, shifting resources and materials.

Portal and its contents indirectly create their testimony of the ancient heroes of those years. The aim of the portal is to introduce the latest recipient of Polish history, with the West (the German society) for Polish during martial law. It is indefinitely available to all interested and updated in order to reflect the current state of knowledge PRL’u history researchers. The portal will be added gradually interviews, photos, articles, videos.